What Is She?
20 March 2020
from 7pm
Free, donations welcome

We are sooooo happy to be collaborating with good friends NOHAT for a video art screening, showcasing work by 10 exciting international female video artists who use humour in their art.

(image: featured artist Rebecca Moss)

Expect to be amused, tickled, and perhaps a little confounded.

What Is She? is a sister event to What Am I? a retrospective of the cross-over between comedy and art in comedian Simon Munnery’s career, curated by Andy Holden. The exhibition is at at Ex-Baldessarre 103 Coventry Road, Bedford, and will be open Saturdays 29 Feburary – 9 May 2020. 

NOHAT, a not-for-profit art organisation, was founded in 2016 by curators Sophie Atkins and Ana Ortega, born out of a frustration that the work of female artists often remains unseen and unrecognised, and out of a deep desire to bring about a change. We are not going to wait to be invited in, we will take space and make space for female artists.