Last Fridays
I don’t day dream anymore
with Hannah Wilson
28 February 2020
Free, 7–11pm

For the Last Friday Hannah will be holding a life drawing activity where visitors will be invited to draw sculptures in the space, and make their own interpretations of the work.


“I am an artist from Milton Keynes, currently based in London, and my practice centres around the portrayal of women via painting and sculpture. My starting point is a combination of imagination and lived experience. The women are always drawn from imagination as opposed to life, and they channel my own feeling from diaristic fragments of writing recorded in my sketchbook. I like them to retain an element of elusivity, untethered to any one narrative so that the viewer is able to make their own interpretations.”

“The women in my work are strange figures with gaping nostrils and awkward limbs, whose attitudes often pull between the playful and the existential. The shape the figures take is large and imposing, but a softness remains through their expressions, looking out to the viewer.

In my work with sculpture I bring the women into space both as small-scale and life size figures. Their physicality is activated during exhibitions when life drawing workshops are held around them - through this act they are no longer static sculptures, but a catalyst for participatory practice between viewers. They take up space and present themselves as solid forms, challenging notions of a passive female subject.”