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Resolutions 2022
Of Memory by Helena Ray

Familiar Ground w/ Christy Thynne
Familiar Ground w/ Deborah Fielding (Online)
Familiar Ground w/ Andy Macdermott
Familiar Ground w/ Ciara Callaghan
Familiar Ground w/ Alice Boland-Rhodes
Lonely Numbers — Summer Nights #3
Lonely Numbers — Radio (28.08.21)
Familiar Ground w/ Alice Boland-Rhodes (Online)
Lonely Numbers — Summer Nights #2
Familiar Ground w/ Jonny Clapham (Online)
Familiar Ground w/ Saint Akua
Lonely Numbers — Radio (31.07.21)
Familiar Ground w/ Resolve & MKFF
Familiar Ground w/ Jonny Clapham
Lonely Numbers — Summer Nights #1
Matters of Interest x Big Shop Friday

Psst. Print and Record Fair
Stronger Together by Okocha Obasi 💥️
Matters of Interest x Big Shop Friday
The Elephant Room with Dylan Fox
Evening Class
What Is She? with NOHAT
Listen Here!
Starting Something #6
Lonely Numbers Radio Live 02
Hannah Wilson
Monoprinting with Sophie Atkins
Resolutions 2020 – Exhibition
Lonely Numbers Radio Live 01
WALL with Sophie Atkins ︎
Starting Something #5
Resolutions 2020

Quiz: The Christmas with Jonny Clapham
This is an art scene – ORDER NOW
Feature – Dave Hilliard
Feature – Katie Ellen Fields
Starting Something #4
Resolutions 2019

Starting Something #3
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Starting Something #2
Match Balls
Starting Something
Resolutions 2018

Store Records & Ernest Herb
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Our Last Friday events in the shop since 2019 have been kindly supported by funding from MK Council. We’re also thankful to Milton Keynes Arts Centre, MK Gallery and centre:mk for their continued encouragement and help.

Big Shop Friday Limited is a registered non-profit limited by guarantee no. 11843214

Print & Record Fair
Saturday 10 October 2020, 12–6pm

We’re partnering with some great people to provide plenty of records representing an eclectic mix of genres and interests, confirmed guests include: Peppermint Store Records, Vinyl Underground and Lonely Numbers who will also be performing a live broadcast on the day.

For our print offer we’ll be joined by the amazing FAWW Gallery and Mundane Zine alongside Pam Broom, Tom Guilmard, Rosie May, Hannah Wilson, Nadina Ali and Guy Morris.

Notice: Wearing a mask/face covering will be mandatory to enter inside the venue. You will also be asked to adhear social distancing both inside and outside at all times.

You will be asked to provide your details on arrival to comply with track and trace. We have our own NHS QR code to scan on arrival, or you may also provide your name and contact details to a member of the team.

We will controll numbers going inside at any one time to keep everything as safe as possible for visitors and vendors.

Psst. has been rescheduled from what was previously planned for on the final day of MK Festival Fringe 2020. C-19 permitting we’re going ahead!

Our venue is wheelchair accessible and parking is ample nearby and right outside. We’re opposite MK Gallery, MK Theatre and located just outside the main shopping centre.

Entry to the fair will be free and if you have any questions about any of it, just shout:

Psst. is organised by Big Shop Friday in collaboration with MK Festival Fringe and CMK Parish Council.