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Resolutions 2022
Of Memory by Helena Ray



Familiar Ground w/ Christy Thynne
Familiar Ground w/ Deborah Fielding (Online)
Familiar Ground w/ Andy Macdermott
Familiar Ground w/ Ciara Callaghan
Familiar Ground w/ Alice Boland-Rhodes
Lonely Numbers — Summer Nights #3
Lonely Numbers — Radio (28.08.21)
Familiar Ground w/ Alice Boland-Rhodes (Online)
Lonely Numbers — Summer Nights #2
Familiar Ground w/ Jonny Clapham (Online)
Familiar Ground w/ Saint Akua
Lonely Numbers — Radio (31.07.21)
Familiar Ground w/ Resolve & MKFF
Familiar Ground w/ Jonny Clapham
Lonely Numbers — Summer Nights #1
Matters of Interest x Big Shop Friday

Psst. Print and Record Fair
Stronger Together by Okocha Obasi 💥️
Matters of Interest x Big Shop Friday
The Elephant Room with Dylan Fox
Evening Class
What Is She? with NOHAT
Listen Here!
Starting Something #6
Lonely Numbers Radio Live 02
Hannah Wilson
Monoprinting with Sophie Atkins
Resolutions 2020 – Exhibition
Lonely Numbers Radio Live 01
WALL with Sophie Atkins ︎
Starting Something #5
Resolutions 2020

Quiz: The Christmas with Jonny Clapham
This is an art scene – ORDER NOW
Feature – Dave Hilliard
Feature – Katie Ellen Fields
Starting Something #4
Resolutions 2019

Starting Something #3
Now on Soundcloud
Starting Something #2
Match Balls
Starting Something
Resolutions 2018

Store Records & Ernest Herb
Publication launch
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Our Last Friday events in the shop since 2019 have been kindly supported by funding from MK Council. We’re also thankful to Milton Keynes Arts Centre, MK Gallery and centre:mk for their continued encouragement and help.

Big Shop Friday Limited is a registered non-profit limited by guarantee no. 11843214


Big Shop Friday is a non-profit artist-led organisation run by a small voluntary team and arts space based in central Milton Keynes, operating on the ground floor of a multi-storey carpark at centre:mk.

We run occasional events, exhibitions and talks. Look back at some of our previous activity if you want to get an idea of what’s gone on before.

We’re a flexible, ever-changing space which reflects our own varied interests and tastes as well as the needs of our growing community. We’re open to collaborate and work with others, you just need to start a conversation. 

During the day we operate as a space where you can come and hang out. There’s plenty of WiFi to go around, the best coffee in Milton Keynes c/o Carlo Scarito and somewhere to sit and work (or pretend to) and meet up with others during the day, at lunch or after work and free access to our Reading room

We sell a limited number of magazines and artist books and the occassional print that you can’t find anywhere else in MK.

Read more background here.

Big Shpo Friday
Marlborough Gate
Milton Keynes

Opening times 
Please note we are currently open for listed events only.

Well behaged & friendly dogs are welcome.

We are located on the ground floor with step-free access, bicycle and car parking are located right outside the Shop. We also have a couple of spaces for bicycles inside, it just depends how busy we are and the team have all cycled in.

We have accessible toilet facilities, but no baby-change. John Lewis, centre:mk and MK Gallery are all walkable if you need an alternative.

We record the audio of our talks and are looking into a written transcript service. Please get in touch if you want to know more or if you would use this resource.

Most of our events are free, but occasionaly we charge to cover our own costs for hosting or contribute to speaker fees etc. If you have any difficulty or issue with payment for any of our paid-for events please get in touch: in complete confidence. 

Parents/guardians/aunties/uncles etc.
If you are bringing children please check the event details before coming down incase there is any imagery/language that might not suitable.