Familiar Ground

MK Myth Makers w/ Jonny Clapham

Friday 25th June, 7-9pm
Free, Limited Spaces ︎︎︎ Book Here

MK Myth Makers

Local artist, workshop runner and quiz man Jonny Clapham brings us a collaborative and creative workshop in response to the theme of ‘place-making’, focusing on the themes of tourism, local legends and oral tradition.

The workshop prompts creative discussion based on personal photographs scouted during walks through Milton Keynes to create ways to promote the city by embellishing these locations with completely fabricated local folklore, historical interest and tall tales in an effort to draw more people to MK. Participants are encouraged to explore the city through a humorous lens, coming to terms with its stranger qualities and pushing it into the realm of the fantastic and ridiculous.

Limited spaces
︎︎︎ Book Here

Familiar Ground at Big Shop Friday is supported by funding from MK Community Foundation.