Last Fridays
with Evening Class
27 March 2020

Full event details coming soon.

Evening Class is an experiment in self-organised education that has been active since January 2016. It's a space where we can cultivate common interests, develop research and collectively decide the class’s programme. Our programme takes the form of public workshops, talks and debates, reading groups, radio broadcasting, performances, walks, and publishing.

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Coming in March:
A Living Almanac of Appropriate Technologies
Thomas Pausz & Evening Class

A Living Almanac of Appropriate Technologies is a publication, co-edited and published by Evening Class and artist Thomas Pausz.

The collaboration happened in parallel with Thomas’ residency at the Defina Foundation in London. We hosted a filtering workshop led by Thomas, scanning sections from his collection of The Whole Earth Review magazine according to themes developed during the workshop. The results of the workshop are published here, along with additional material by Thomas and Evening Class.

Self-published in 2019 with the support of Delfina Foundation Politics of Food residency programme, and The Iceland University of the Arts Publishing Fund

Book specifications:
136pp, 297 × 210 mm, perfect-bound