The Elephant Room with Dylan Fox
co-curated with Billy Hawes

29 August – 26 September 2020

Join us online or onsite on Friday 28 August for the launch of The Elephant Room with Dylan Fox.

Dylan Fox, Navigating the Handshake, 2020, new media projection, dimensions variable

Online launch
We will releasing an interview between the artist Dylan Fox and proud non-binary instagrammer Elli Francis discussing the exhibition, the influences behind the work, and all things gender related. We will also be screening an online exclusive of Navigating the Handshake (2020) by Dylan Fox.

On site launch
We will be opening the doors and welcoming a limited number of you to the view the exhibition. Booking will be essential and we’ll keep numbers small in order to keep everyone safe.

Notice: Wearing a mask/face covering will be mandatory to enter the exhibition. You will also be asked to adhear social distancing both inside and outside the exhibition at all times as well as confirm/provide your details on arrival to comply with track and trace.

The Elephant Room with Dylan Fox will be the first in what will be four editions tackling gender, race, disability and sexuality. This first edition will be addressing gender while also challenging heterocentrism.

The exhibition will feature works which confront negative portrayals of the trans-experience within the media as well as challenging social norms when portraying gender. If Only It Were That Easy, a lightbox and text piece, is derived from the feeling of being overwhelmed by the constant barrage and seemingly never-ending slur towards transgender people, whereas Pressed a series of digital print and foil works highlight the absurdity of media misrepresentation.

Other works including Letterboards directly portray a collective voice from the transgender community and their experience, derived from interview questions shared with our audience.

The exhibition will be accompanied with a series of workshops, details TBA.

︎ Download the Press release here

The Elephant Room aims to get people within the art world, both audiences and those working in the arts, to think about gender, race, disability and sexuality as areas that remain persistent concerns that require action. The project is also concerned with how representation manifests, looking at how we can diversify in a way that integrates rather than tokenism.

Generously supported with funding from MK Community Foundation