The Elephant Room

The Elephant Room will be an ongoing project which addresses areas of diversity and inclusion within the arts and creative industries. For each strand of the project we will commission an artist representing one of / or a number of the equality and diversity legislation prot ected characteristics.

Milton Keynes proudly showcases diversity in the people living here, however we are not seeing that represented within the cultural sector both in staffing and programming, by commissioning artists from different diversity groups we want people to see themselves represented within the cultural industry.

The Elephant Room aims to get people within the art world, both audiences and those working in the arts, to think about gender, race, disability and sexuality as areas that remain persistent concerns that require action. The project is also concerned with how representation manifests, looking at how we can diversify in a way that integrates rather than tokenism.

The Elephant Room with Dylan Fox will be the first in what we hope to be four total instalments of the project, addressing 'gender' while also challenging hetero centrism.

Dylan Fox’s practice examines the various barriers the transgender community faces. More specifically he explores the injustice of inefficient healthcare pathways in the UK, bias in media representation and by extension, wider societal views. Fox utilises found objects and printed matter to create works designed to replicate the feelings of frustration felt through his own gender transition, developing scenarios where the public endure a similar experience of ambivalence. Drawing on his research into socially engaged art practices, theories of open form, and queer histories, these scenarios often have a participatory element, aiming to shift public perceptions through dialogue.