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Of Memory by Helena Ray

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Familiar Ground w/ Alice Boland-Rhodes (Online)
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Familiar Ground w/ Saint Akua
Lonely Numbers — Radio (31.07.21)
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Familiar Ground w/ Jonny Clapham
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Stronger Together by Okocha Obasi 💥️
Matters of Interest x Big Shop Friday
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Starting Something #6
Lonely Numbers Radio Live 02
Hannah Wilson
Monoprinting with Sophie Atkins
Resolutions 2020 – Exhibition
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WALL with Sophie Atkins ︎
Starting Something #5
Resolutions 2020

Quiz: The Christmas with Jonny Clapham
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Starting Something #4
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Our Last Friday events in the shop since 2019 have been kindly supported by funding from MK Council. We’re also thankful to Milton Keynes Arts Centre, MK Gallery and centre:mk for their continued encouragement and help.

Big Shop Friday Limited is a registered non-profit limited by guarantee no. 11843214

Starting Something #4

Our quarterly talk series that brings some of the most exciting and inspiring creatives together and discussing their journey starting something.

Sponsored by Murrays the Printers

Our speakers:

Simon Goode & Ira Yonemura
London Centre for Book Arts

Alex Econs

Luke Tonge & Dan Alcorn
Birmingham Design Festival

Sold out

(£7 OTD)

27 February 2018

Bogotá, 4 Rillaton Walk, The Hub, Milton Keynes, MK9 2FZ

London Centre for Book Arts was founded and is run by artists Simon Goode and Ira Yonemura. Based in what was once the heart of London’s print industry, the London Centre for Book Arts (LCBA) is an artist-run, open-access studio offering education programmes for the community and affordable access to resources for artists and designers.
    The Centre’s mission is to foster and promote book arts and artist-led publishing in the UK through collaboration, education, distribution, and by providing open-access to printing, binding and publishing facilities. The unique facilities at LCBA are available to everyone regardless of background, education or experience.
    After several years of planning and acquiring hard-to-find equipment and machinery, the studio was established  in October 2012, becoming the first and only centre of its kind in the country.

Alex Econs is the Founder and CEO of Everpress, a global marketplace for the best limited-edition T-shirt designs, printed with ethics and quality. 
      “The creative community in east London has shaped our philosophy from day one. Over ten years in the printing business working with artists, designers, indie music labels and small businesses, it was clear retail was broken. Traditional retail is based solely on profit margins resulting in questionable ethics and huge amounts of waste. I saw we could make things better, and so we do.”

Luke Tonge & Dan Alcorn are co-directors of Birmingham Design Festival. Inspired by notable design (and non-design) festivals locally and beyond, Birmingham Design Festival’s goal for 2018 was to establish itself as a credible, accessible and enjoyable event that spanned the city and encouraged visitors to rediscover what they presumed about Birmingham.
    For years Birmingham’s vibrant creative scene existed with a festival-shaped hole – a design festival. In 2017 a group of Midland’s based designers got together and decided to remedy this. The following year Birmingham Design Festival debuted with dozens of talks, workshops, screenings and exhibitions, inviting the local community and beyond to immerse themselves for four days of a jam-packed programme that was sure to delight and surprise.