Supper Clubs

A series of four Supper Clubs supported by Milton Keynes Arts Centre and Milton Keynes Council. Themes for each supper are taken from ‘The Plan for Milton Keynes Volumes 1 & 2’ published in 1970 by the Milton Keynes Development Corporation.

1. Opportunity and freedom of choice:
Introducing a series of Supper Clubs designed to discuss Milton Keynes’ bid to become European Capital of Culture 2023. Each of the four Suppers are briefed by themes taken from the original book The Plan for Milton Keynes published in 1970.

2. Easy movement,access and good communications:
Join us for food and chats about culture. How can we join things up? How do we talk about what we’re doing? What platform(s) can be accessible for artists/creatives in Milton Keynes as well for the public in and outside of the city.

3. An Attractive City:
Why are young people leaving the city after education? Join us for a Supper this Friday from 7pm. Share experiences on what makes a city attractive to live, work and call home.

4. Public participation/awarenes
Join us for our final supper to discuss the artist space in Milton Keynes; artist-run spaces past, present and future both physical and digital.

“Volume One describes the background to the designation of Milton Keynes and the approach in preparing the Plan. Volume Two describes the evidence which has led to the proposals. It also recommends proposals at a greater detail than in Volume One.”

Goals in Planning Milton Keynes

Many goals and objectives for Milton Keynes have been discussed and debated during the preparation of the Plan and out of these discussions the Corporation has identitifed six broad goals which the proposals of the Plan are intended to achieve. These goals are:

– Opportunity and freedom of choice
– Easy movement and access, and good communications
– Balance and variety
– An attractive city
– Public awareness and participation
– Efficient and imaginative use of resources

Vol.1|  pp13 |  p39