Of Memory a pop up exhibition by Helena Ray

Saturday 15 January | 5pm | Free Entry
Big Shop Friday

Of Memory is a collection of paintings by Helena Ray about the empathic and somatic experience of interpersonal relationships.

 ©Schooldays, Revisited, Helena Ray, 2021.

“I am interested in how we hold people and moments from the past in our bodies, as well as inour brains, and why some memories return to us repeatedly. There are many ways to remembersomeone or something, and I am interested in looking beyond pure recall, instead examiningwhat happens to people when they carry their memories around unspoken.I paint instinctually, moving colours around until a colour combination triggers a memory, eitherfrom my own timeline or something someone has shared with me, and then I begin to tell thestory. I do not know what I am going to paint before I start, and I do not question any decisions Imake whilst I am painting, handing the process over to my somatic memory rather than relyingon conscious decision-making.I often find, once the story has been painted, it feels exorcized, and no longer holds such power.Sometimes I may paint the same story over and over, sometimes I seem to need to paint it only once.”