Starting Something 

A talk series bringing some of the most exciting and inspiring creatives together and discussing their journey starting something.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018, 7–10pm
at Blackened Sun Brewery

Blackened Sun Brewery, 3 Heathfield, Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes MK12 6HP

Our speakers:

Théodora Lecrinier & Hannah Turner Wallis

Performance & Visual artists running artists’ studios and residencies

Dyad Creative is a Franco-British duo founded in 2014 by Théodora Lecrinier and Hannah Turner Wallis, with a practice that focuses on visual arts and contemporary performance. Exploring what it means to work and exist as an artist today, Dyad Creative attempt to research different modes of collaboration and their Franco-British identity, while running artist-led spaces dedicated to supporting contemporary practice. Fuelled by the architecture of their surroundings they explore projects inspired and driven by space, audience and performance. Through the running of Dove St Studios, Dyad Creative investigate business models for sustainability, how to support local artists and contribute to the current artistic community.

Stefi Orazi

Designer and writer

Stefi Orazi runs a small studio based in London, founded in 2006 focusing in mainly in print and exhibition graphics. Stefi has worked for a wide range of clients and projects over the years in the cultural sector, as well as individuals and start-ups.

Alongside this Stefi also has an interest Modernist architecture which manifests itself through the online shop: Things You Can Buy and also her blog Modernist Estates.

Modernist Estates is an independent blog listing modernist homes for sale, focussing on London post-war estates with findings on the way including books, films and upcoming events. The blog resulted in Stefi writing her first book Modernist Estates in 2014. Last month The Barbican Estate was published, written by Stefi and a third book is also on the way early next year.

Chris Ince

Founder of Radlands skatepark

Chris opened Radlands, the former indoor skatepark in Northampton, in 1992. Starting out in the cafe and shop in the (now old) bus station in Milton Keynes, Chris and his family took an old warehouse and built the indoor skate park Radlands, earning the nickname as ‘the Godfather’ of British skateboarding.

The 10,000 sq ft park was, before its closure, one of the largest in Europe. It’s estimated that over 250,000 people used the park in its 12 years of operation. It was closed on 10 October 2004.

The first skateboarders in the park were the Flip team consisting of Tom Penny, Geoff Rowley, Rune Glifberg. Radlands also hosted international contests with skaters attending like Tony Hawk, Danny Way and Eric Koston to just a few. Radlands were also known for the BMX scene and again have been host to the world’s finest BMXers such as Matt Hoffman and Dave Mirra.

Holly Willats

Art Licks

Sean Pearce

Eastcheap studios

Tom Godfrey


Holly Willats is an independent curator & writer, and the Director of the arts organisation, Art Licks. Having founded Art Licks in 2010, she has since edited 22 issues of its magazine, directed five editions of its London festival (the Art Licks Weekend) and produced and curated various artist events, including those at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and Institute of Contemporary Art. Last year, she carried out a curatorial residency at FLORA ars+natura in Bogotá, Colombia (funded by Arts Council England & the British Council). Holly has recently written articles for Art Monthly and ArtQuest on research in São Paulo, Brazil, and Lisbon, Portugal.

Sean Pearce is an artist based in Letchworth Garden City. Sean’s art practice varies from painting, sculpture and photography. He has recently obtained a space in the centre of town and has converted them into artist studios – Eastcheap studios. There are currently nine artists that occupy the space.
︎ @eastcheapstudios

Tom Godfrey opened his gallery TG in Nottingham in 2014 after several years operating as an artist; running project spaces; self-publishing; curating independent exhibitions and working for a range of galleries and art institutions. TGworks with artists across the globe on a range of solo & group exhibitions; screenings & events; art fairs and publications. It maintains a number of relationships with artists that manifest themselves in a longer term supportive capacity. Tom also works as the curator of the Bonington Gallery at Nottingham Trent University.

Ryan Hughes is an independent curator who has worked extensively across the West Midlands, particularly in Coventry and Warwickshire as well as having produced projects nationally and internationally. Additionally, Ryan is the Director of the Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art, which launched in 2017.

Nadine Monem is a writer, editor, publisher and radio presenter. Nadine is also the founder of publisher Common Editions who ‘facilitate the production and wide distribution of art, to be as thin a membrane as possible between the aims of the artist and the hands of the public.’

Matt Nation started the Birmingham-based clothing brand Provide in 2012. ‘Provide creates products and art works inspired by the city of Birmingham. We work with a wide range of artists, designers and makers because we believe in giving independent creativity space to experiment. We take pride in unearthing talent and sharing it with new audiences.’