with Norfolk & Norwich Festival and MK Festival Fringe


Submit via email:
Deadline: 7 March 2020
Delivery deadline (if selected): 15 April 2020

In collaboration with THE CLUNKER, Norfolk & Norwich Festival (NNF) and MK Festival Fringe we’re offering a great opportunity for artists to join in and take part within its unique exhibition format and exchange.

THE CLUNKER will be on display during NNF (8–24 May 2020) and MK Festival Fringe (13–18 July 2020) with selected artists inhabiting a shelf with their proposed artworks for the duration of the festivals. This will be displayed for the public in both locations and at venues TBA and will incorporate a number of artists from all over the UK and the world!

We are looking for artists who wish to have a bit of fun with their art, whilst also hoping to make a little bit of money in the progress. You do not have to submit something that is ‘typical’ of your usual practice, THE CLUNKER is designed with the idea of adaption in mind. So go nuts, show us something unique, and that could only work in a vending machine context! All artists are welcome to submit, regardless of your background, experience, or status (groups and collaborations for example!)

Submissions could include prints, miniatures, or any object that would suit an holistic presentation to a wide public of all ages. Dependent on the size of the work, we are looking for artists who could contribute multiples or a selection of works to keep the machine stocked and engaging to audiences throughout the exhibition – an edition of 15 or above is ideal. These do not necessarily have to be ‘copies’, they can be as diverse or thematic as the artist wants them to be. We as the creators of the machine celebrate works who identify with this absurd context for selling / displaying art, and thus we prefer that you do not treat it simply as a shop display.


All submissions must be ready for delivery to Norwich by April 15. This can be done in person, or via post/courier – we will contact you with further instructions for this if selected.

Your work title, desired artist name, and contact details/platforms will be displayed on a board alongside the machine, and with your permission they will be featured on THE CLUNKER’s new website. Photos will also be taken throughout the exhibition and will be made available online to those who cannot see the machine in person – so don’t be discouraged if you’re not local!

The machine has a total of 36 shelves which are divided as follows:

12 BIG shelves
– Holds up to 10 artworks at any one time.
– Dimensions for display: 2.5cm x 13cm x 14cm (Depth / Width / Height)

24 SMALL shelves
– Holds up to 14 artworks at any one time.
– Dimensions for display: 2.5cm x 6.5cm x 14cm (Depth / Width / Height)

It is imperative that these sizes are adhered to, otherwise your work will not function within the machine and cannot be displayed for lack of functionality. These slots are also designated to artists on a first-come, first-served basis, and thus we recommend that artists are flexible in their submissions to the above sets of dimensions in case their first choice is filled up.


Deadline: 7 March 2020
Delivery deadline (if selected): 15 April 2020

To submit for the exhibition, please send the following details to this email address:

  • Artist name
  • Title of work/s
  • Size / shelf preference
  • Price
  • Description
  • Images (of the work/s)
  • Contact email and telephone number
  • Website and social media handles

For ideas or further reference, please feel free to visit our instagram handle: (@the_clunker) and watch out for news of our website! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact via email