Resolution 1
by Jake Francis

© Jake Francis 2020

841 × 594 mm
Edition of 1

The money raised for Resolutions is going towards The Elephant Room, a new project we’re programming later this year with artist Dylan Fox. It will allow us to purchase a number of Queer theory, history, art books and resources to be made available at Big Shop. Read more here.

Orders will be shipped from Wednesday 5 February 2020.

Through cynicism and belligerent play, Jake Francis embodies the spirit of a snake oil salesman. Begrudging the role of ‘art’ and its institutions in society, he unashamedly exploits the cliches and tropes associated, using them as signposts to negotiate his way through art’s gilded corridors. By using ready-made objects and appropriated imagery, his work toys with preconceived structures and endeavours to reconcile personal, social, and trivial issues with simultaneous wit and purposeful ignorance.