Matters of Interest
with Thomas Eke

Conversation as Material
Thursday 13 August

The next Matters of Interest on Thursday 13 August, 6.30–8pm, invites a group discussion and opportunity to co-author a Reader on the theme of 'Rituals'.

The group will collate examples and thoughts around how rituals are intrinsic to practice, both as form as well as support. as well as supportive.

Conversation as Material ︎

To participate in Matters of Interest group-chat, email by 5pm on the day of the session, whereby you’ll be invited to the closed group-chat. Be Skype-ready.

  1. To Do and Other Lists | 23 April | 6.30 – 8pm Reader here ︎
  2. The Rural, Gardens, Allotments and other Sanctuaries/Empires | 7 May | 6.30 – 8pm Reader here ︎
  3. Models of (artist-led) education | 21 May | 6.30 – 8pm Reader here ︎
  4. Libraries: Palaces for the People(?) | 18 June | 6.30 – 8pm Reader here ︎
  5. What I'm (meant to be) Reading | 2 July | 6.30 – 8pm Reader here ︎
  6. Solitude | 16 July | 6.30 – 8pm Reader here ︎
  7. Rituals | 30 July | 6.30 – 8pm Reader here ︎
  8. Conversation as Material | 13 August | 6.30 – 8pm
  9. Publications: Doing it Together | 27 August | 6.30 – 8pm

*MoI invites suggestions for subjects of interest to be researched. Email suggestions to

Matters of Interest (MoI) is a monthly peer-led series of Skype based research-roundtables designed to bring together artists and designers during ~and beyond~ the current COVID-19 guidelines. Each Matters of Interest will take place as a group chat, during which a subject of interest will be researched and discussed by participants in one 90-minute conversational thread.

The beginnings of the next reader are available to start thoughts around what models of artist-led education mean to and enable within your own practice as a practicing artist/designer.

Matters of Interest group-chats are an opportunity to develop both knowledge of others with similar research interests as well as an informal means of collectively meeting and researching throughout this period. As a peer-led series, themes are programmed from contributors' suggestions.

During each MoI, contributors are invited to introduce themselves with a 10-word bio, followed by an hour of intense researching and uploading of articles, images, links, thoughts, notes etc. of the given subject of interest which will later be compiled and published by Big Shop Friday.

Once the current lockdown period has been lifted, Matters of Interest will take a blended approach to roundtables, with a mix of online and face-to-face meet ups at Big Shop Friday.

Thomas Eke works as an artist educator, and has roots in both, Milton Keynes and London, UK. Tom's work manifests as bookworks and performance lectures, and is concerned with citizenry, collectivity and the use of art as a catalyst for connection and belonging. He has recently completed a traineeship in the department of Education in Art at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam; and a Masters in Art Education with Birmingham City University.